Robotic Welding and Fabrication


We upgraded our shop with Fanuc 120i’s to  ensure that your high volume production applications can be completed  as efficiently as possible with error rates a human welder just can’t match .

Robotic welding automates the welding process to increase accuracy, enhance safety and reduce the time needed to complete each project. 

Benefits of Robotic Welding
  • More Consistent, Higher-Quality Welds
  • Greater Productivity, Yields, and Throughput
  • Reduced Waste and Less Rework in General
  • Drastically Reduced Post-Weld Cleanup
  • Faster, More Efficient Road to the Market.


The robot itself has an arm that can move  6 axis  or more with articulating versions. A wire feeder sends the filler wire to the robot as it needs it for a welding job. A high-heat torch at the end of the arm melts metal to enable the welding process. Because the temperatures reach thousands of degrees, using robots for this process keeps people safer.

Certified human operators still need to remain close to the robots. These workers should hold certification from the American Welding Society, AWS, which certify not only manual welders but also robotic welding arm operators. The operators program the controller using a teach pendant. This device sets new programs, moves the arm and changes parameters for the process. To start the welding, the operator uses the buttons on the operation box.

The tool in the robotic arm heats to melt metal to conjoin the desired pieces. As needed, a wire feeder delivers more metal wire to the arm and torch. When awaiting the next parts to weld, the arm moves the torch to the cleaner to clean any metal splatters from the arm, which could solidify in place without this process.

Because one of the primary reasons to have robotic welders is protecting human workers, these automated systems come with multiple safety features. Arc shields prevent the high-heat arc from mixing with oxygen. Enclosed areas protect operators from the temperatures and bright light.

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