About Adam


“When you are asked if you can do a job, tell’em, ‘certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.

Theodore Roosevelt


Much of who I am professionally and personally can be attributed to two influences: Family and geography.  Metal fabrication is somewhat engrained in my blood. My father was employed by General Motors  for 35 years to cast metal parts and my   uncle owned a company which  formed and welded race cars together.  These we my mentors and started me down this path at quite an early age. Both of them imparted their wisdom and knowledge of Metal fabrication and manufacturing to me. The second influence was literally growing up in the Midwest itself which was the manufacturing Heart of America. Being immersed in a world of adversity faced by those who worked and lived in the farming, manufacturing and automotive industry, have instilled a uniquely midwestern approach to efficiently approaching problems and producing products and services.

adam welding and bending tube

“Problems exist to lead us to better solutions”

Adam Clemens


Early in my career I moved to NYC, where my metal fabrication and welding talents were further developed and expanded.  Initially employed as fabricator of fine furniture for a design firm Brooklyn,   I utilized conventional machining, cutting, drilling, welding, and finishing to produce exquisite but sensible  pieces that were just as much about form as they were about  function.  As I transitioned into the architectural field, I progressed from fabrication to designing and manufacturing everything from window gratings and storefronts to high end staircases and rooftop solariums for NY’s elite.   Later, because of my love of boating and proximity to the maritime industry in Long Island, I became involved in mobile welding and design work for the boat owners and marinas in Long Island.   It’s the diversity in experience that has allowed me to tackle any project knowing the outcome will be exemplary.

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Commercial Installations
  • Mobile Welding

Why me

I am certified by the AWS with expertise in all metals including exotics. When you hire me to collaborate and help produce your vision, you will not be sold short. I provide the same level of communication, precision and ingenuity to all projects, big and small.   Its is my goal to understand a client’s needs and exceed them, and  in the process,  create  a product or solution  that we are both proud of.  The words “job well done” is the ultimate reward in my eyes.

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